The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green This book right here was amazing. It wasn't the best book by far. But, the realistic aspect of it was dead-on. I have experience and gone through cancer. And what Hazel went through, I previously have went through.

Angustus truly is sweet. In the beginning, I was like "He is kind of creppy" with all of his advances. However; as time progress, my feelings towards him change. No Spoilers, but in one of their scenes I was floored.

Also, I have to shoutout Hazel's parents. Most importantly to her mother. She has to win the award for best book mother. She was so considerate and motherly to her child. A lot of Cancer mothers lose a sense of hope or get downright depressed. But, she refused to let Hazel's condition affect her in that way. She remains pretty much positive and determined.

Truly an amazing book for everyone