Prodigy: A Legend Novel

Prodigy - Marie Lu My actual rating is a 3.9, but round it to a 4.

Here is why...

When going into Prodigy, I had such high hopes. I really loved Legend and Marie Lu's writing. She can right amazing action sequences and has an uncanny way of showing June's and Day's emotional torment towards one another. I did enjoy Prodigy, but I felt a tinge of disconnect.

However, it was still very pleasurable to read. Even though, it took me a more time to connect to this book then Legend.

June lacked for me. I loved June more than Day in Legend and here she was so stubborn...Come to think of it that is a major reason for my love of her in the first book. But, with her blatantly just trusting Anden based on what he said. Just didn't make sense. She was sent their to do a job. Yet, she quickly believes the leader of a government that killed her whole family.

I found it quite cliche that her gut instinct ended up being and Razor and the patriots were really hired by the senators. I kind of felt like that was the case. Like how has a high ranking officer secretly leading a huge rebellious group in enemy grounds without repercussions. Like are you joking? I ain't bashing the character of June. But, still loved her.

My shocking parts: Kaede's death. Her death hit me in the feels. I really loved her in this book. She completely changed for me. Her talk with Day while near the colonies hospital just made me love her more. She wanted something to fight for besides money. The sense of a higher person and a greater good made her so much more enjoyable. And her death was so premature. I wanted to read more.

Day having that deadly disease/cancer/obstructive bowel disorder thingy was so heartbreaking. Especially, with him letting June go because of it. I really hope they find a cure for him.

June and Day really do make each other a whole. And this book was really great.